I took Cassidy to IKEA to day because we are going to sell her furnature and buy all new stuff. She picked out everything she wanted and thankfully it’s pretty much what I wanted when I went in first without her.

I’m excited. Tommorw I’m gonna go ina spit shine all her old furnature (that was actually my furnature that I got in 4th grade) and take some pictures of it and get it up on Craigslist and Ben’s gonna put it up on NVinfo, Nvidia’s intranet. It’s a beautiful hand painted, 7 piece, solid wood set but it’s just NOT Cassidy’s personality at all. Or mine for that matter.

This stuff is however…

Has a desk and bookshelf that you can get that installs underneath for her computer!!
Chest 1
Chest 2
VERY similar fabric only the bugs on the one Cassidy chose are a little more cartoonish and match the Chest’s perfectly…
This fabris will also be what goes around the bed protion where you see the grey fabric in the picture… She also wants mosquito net used somehow.
I’m going to paint this and add some bug figurines to it… maybe decopage some of the fabric onto it.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that after an HOUR Cassidy is addicted. 😉 I have an IKEA partner now. *feels the love* I only spent $3.50 while I was there too!! I got a bamboo shoot for my desk at work. I’ve wanted one forever now for at home and for $1.50 how could I pass it up? I’m gonna take this one to work and on Friday pick up a vase and like 5-6 shoots for my desk here at home… AND Cassidy got a heart shaped ice cube mold. It’s really rubbery and the first batch came out really cute.

I’m screwed. It’s one mile up the freeway from my work. I’m going to be there at least twice a week now that Cassidy wants to go back already!!!

6 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. Im so jealous!!! Thatz going to look like it came out of the catalog. Good Luck w/ decorating.

  2. OMFG i love IKEA. It’s cute as can be and it’s cheap! I got so much shit from there on my last trip i’m talking SO much… and it was under 200.
    MMM and thier food is great too.

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