Extra tasty crispy.

I have the worst sunburn I’ve ever had in my entire life. I usually don’t even burn at all. Then suddenly the last year I’ve burned like three times because I’m not used to it and don’t think it’s necessary to put on massive amounts of lotion. Maybe it’s the air here. I think in Bakersfield (yes, it’s THIRD on the list) the sun just never had a chance to get through the pollution and farm pestasides and just general CRAP to actually CAUSE a sunburn… while here in San Jose (or Sanoma where we were today) the sun is able to beat down on you with full force and fried me to a painful crisp. 🙁

Time to go lather myself up with some more Aloe. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. 🙁

P.S – Despite being mistaken for a KFC chicken wing, I had a GREAT time. We had a big group and just had a blast. Pictures of all th fun shall be up tomorow when it doesn’t hurt to TYPE!!

2 thoughts on “Extra tasty crispy.

  1. Anna I have found the BEST sunburn cream! It’s a blue aloe very gel/lotion called Banana Boat Sooth-A-Caine. Heather and Brandon got a pretty good burn about a month ago and it COMPLETELY took the pain away:!: Just spray it on and the pain disappears, no rubbing needed;) Hope ya feel better!

  2. That stuff is da bomb lol. It works really well and speed up the process. Burn,peel, look like an alien lol. I hate being pale!
    :heart: Me

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