Well, we put a deposit on a car today. By Thursday we should have it in our posession. It’s a black on black GTI. Leather, heated seats, lots of room in the back seat, huge area in the back for junk, turbo so it’s sporty enough for Ben not to feel like he’s driving the Granny around, good gas milage… I’m excited.

Anyway, we’re going to watch the ALMS race at Infinion Raceway tomorrow with Sil, Dave, Alex and the crew. Should be good fun. I’m sure there will be lots of pictures.

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  1. Yep, it’s the 1.8t. I’ll get the car add picture from ben tomorrow and show ya. I had my doubts at first but the car was pretty fun to drive and has TONS of room. I’m EXCITED!!! I love new toys.

    Good luck on the new car, Truth. You looking for a family car? I remember reading in your blog that you had a Mustang. I had one when Cassidy born and really little and it was such a pain to get her in and out of!!

  2. Thanks, we’re still looking. The first task is to actually put a FOR SALE sign on my car and get it listed once that’s done we can get serious about buying a new car. It’s such a pain to buy a car and I really don’t want to buy a new (used) car until we sell my Mustang. We could use our savings but I’d rather not. Getting the car seat in the car is ridiculous. At least we have Arthur’s old VW Golf, it’s better than the Mustang.

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