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Here it is folks!! All the facts!

I work for Major University Patient Services. We do all the billing for all the Major University doctors but NOT the hospital. Thank God. I could only imagine the amount of work they have to do.

It’s a pretty big operation spanning about a block in four different buildings all connected by a suspended indoor walkway. I havn’t used the walkway yet because each building has it’s own mail room that will run papers that have to go to another building for you… and I’m lazy. My job is part of the Credit Balance Team. What we do is… any patient or insurance company that gets a refund or wants a refund goes through us. So far what I’ve been doing is getting all the checks that have been sent back to us becuase of a bad address, person is deceased, insurance needs more information, etc. and trying to figure out how to get them to thier owner.

It’s amazing the amount of money that gets sent back to us unclaimed. Amazing. Most of them get sent to the state where they keep it until you ask about it. I highly suggest to all of you to check with the state you live in to see if you have any money being held. Most of these checks are sent out without the patient knowing about it.

So anyway, my team consists of four people total. AvonLady, who has been there for over 20 years. CrazyGirl, who has been there for 10 years. LT, been there for about six years. The girl I replaced was there for about 15. She retired. It’s a good job. LOTS of paperwork. LOTS. But it’s busy work and the time passes quickly. I like the girls, especially AvonLady. She’s a hoot.

So, I’m officially only a temp and my boss actually interviewed over 10 people for the position and narrowed it down to two people that he called back for second interviews. Yesterday he approached me about being hired for the position but because he has to be fair (the two girls he called back for interviews were referrals from ohter workers) he said that I need to go through the same application process.

I’m pretty confident I’ll be hired on full time. I’ve already impressed him quite a bit and he seems absolutley delighted that I’ve picked up on everythign so qickly. And hiring me would save AvonLady the hassle of having to train somebody else. She and my boss have mentioned more than once how amazingly fast I’ve managed to pick this stuff up. He’s going to be out of the office tomorrow and all of next week so that gives me time to get even BETTER at the job. I’m just gonna work my ass off and impress the hell out of him and I’ll get it. 🙂

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  1. That sounds like a great job! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, and best of all considering how long your coworkers and the girl you’re replacing have been there, it doesn’t sound like there’s a high turnover rate for that kind of job!

  2. That’s awesome Anna! It sounds like a great job and if you stick with it, could be even better pay down the road! Stanford is also in a beautiful area and very close to Stanford Mall, that’s a great mall! We should get together sometime and have coffee or meet in person since your so close now, I live in Mountain View which is right between San Jose and Palo Alto. Good Luck with the position!:dance:

  3. Congrats Anna, crossing my fingers that it goes permanent for you. I’d love to work there! The doc that delivered Heather Dr. Tracy Flanagan went to work there right after Ethan was born. She was awesome. Never had a doc like her since. Keep us updated and I will get something cool for your cubicle sent out next week8)

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