So Ben and I decided that we could not fight over and share his work account anymore so we went to Fry’s and bought a copy of City of Heroes.

I had to dump my level 6 character and start over from scratch. I was up to level 4 before the server started going haywire. It’s really late and I think they are probably doing some routine server maintenance.

I’ll get some screen shots of my new character in a bit. Ben seems to be back in so I’m gonna go join him!!!


1 thought on “Hooked

  1. My brother’s finally got a break from CoH…he’s taking one week off because he’s SUSPENDED. He created a character called the Reitchwoman (sp) as a spinoff to the Reitchman in the parallel world. They said his character was offensive in the reference to Nazis so he was suspended 😆 He said he’s glad, he needed a break – Like he didn’t have a choice! :screwy:

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