I learned today that my ex and his g/f have entered the new century and have finally managed to get a computer and internet access. As much as I hate to do this, I need to start password protecting posts.

You have a few options if you would like to read the posts…

#1 – I’m going to set up a forum on the message board that APPROVED members can access that will have the passwords listed by date. Instructions for this will be listed on the board.

#2 – You can email me one time and I’ll do a mass email out to other bloggers when a new post is protected. You MUST have a working blog in order to go this route, NO exceptions. If you don’t, you need to go through the message board. When you email, please send with it a link to your blog. At anytime you want to be removed from the email list, you can email me and let me know and I’ll take you off immediately.

Again, I’m sorry to have to do this but I just can’t have the stuff I say here used against me at a later time and most importantly, I won’t have then using it as ammunition to disparage myself to my daughter.

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