Daughter Days.

Today was Cassidy’s last say of Kingergarten. She is now, accoding to her, a first grader. *blank stare* I’m still in denial so more on that later.

She was supposed to be picked up by her father today at 3:00. He called last night about 9:30 to say that he wasn’t able to get the day off to come get her… and this after INSISTING that he “had better be able to pick her up the DAY she gets out after not having seen her for OVER a month!” Ummmm hello assmunch… you call, you see her. That’s a pretty simple concept. Try CALLING her more than once every other month and make an EFFORT to see her. The last two times she’s seem him (this vacation will make it THREE) was because SHE called him and wanted to see HIM.

And hello, you work for you DAD for Christ’s sake… and we were together for six years. Don’t use your dad not letting you off as an excuse, I know better. If that’s the case it’s because you waited till the last minute to ask. You had TWO weeks to plan ONE day to pick her up. At least he’ll be here tomorrow, or at least he better. So ANYWAY, as you can imagine I was a little upset becuase I had to tell her that he was not coming today. She was not too happy about that.

In an attempt to take her mind off it we decided to have a ‘girls night’ since Ben left today to spend the weekend with his father. After we dropped him off at the airport we went to WalMart and she bought a new Bratz doll with her Tooth Fiary money. Then we got a pizza and a few movies and some popcorn and we pigged out while watching Cody Banks. Cute movie.

She REALLY wanted to watch that one again so she’s all into it right now. Once was enough for me and it gave me time to finish packing all her stuff for Troy to pick her up tomorrow at 10:30. And now I’m gonna go get the living ready for our ‘Living Room Camp Out’ including sleeping bags and all that jazz.

She’s leaving for a month and a half!! I can’t think about it now, I’ll just get drpressed… SO instead I’m gonna go get us some ice cream and vedge in front of the TV in our mini campground! Night all!

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  1. I think it worked out for the better then. What better of a night to spend with your daughter before she leave for a month than a fun girlie night 🙂

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