I know that my site looks a little funny in Mozilla… I should install Opera and see how it looks there. The thing is, I’ve been reading a bunch of ‘Web Standard’ nazi crap the last few days and I really don’t feel the need to conform.

Yes, I know that in Mozilla the scrollbar is not colored… and yes I know that in Mozilla the background scrolls in the blog and the light green background for the post is not there. If you are seeing that, I’m sorry. Try IE. It’s a nice little application and I swear Microsoft is not out to KILL YOU!!

I feel for professional web designers that have to add an extra 5,252,585 lines of code to an HTML or CSS document to get it to work in 6 different browsers. Is there a particular reason that Mozilla could not just make it’s application read HTML the same way that IE has been for YEARS to make it easy on us webmasters or would that just be TOO MUCH to ask?

Okay, I’m done for now.

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  1. You know what pisses me off? People that say they can’t see something on the site I’ve done for them… “Well it works for me in Netscape and Mozilla.. What version of Netscape are you using?”
    – “4.5”

    OHhh that makes me mad. I do all this work (for freE) and they’re using a browser from the frickin 90s. It’s already 2004, half a decade from the 90s, we can upgrade now!!!

  2. Oh yeah… Mozilla Nazis complain about IE features like color scroll bar and fixed backgrounds, yet they’re also the same ones that bitch that IE doesn’t do anti-aliasing on text (on most video cards) :roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

    PS – this is not a touch subject for me 😉

  3. IE is one of the most insecure pieces of shit a person could use. You don’t get spyware and viruses from opera. You do, however, get a ton of them from IE.

    Lest you forget, Windows is not the only os out there. Linux is an up and coming os and it will not run IE. Locking out a huge portion of the web because YOU don’t know any better just sucks.

    Me, I don’t visit sites that won’t display in the browser of MY choice. Nor will I blogroll them.

    Trust me when I tell you there are a ton of people who know better than to use IE. If you can’t be bothered to fix your code so they can see your site, don’t be surprised that they don’t visit here.

  4. You blogroll and her site does not display correctly in either.

    Now that I’m looking, your blog’s title bar does not show up properly in Mozilla either.

    I think that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I also think that both Mozilla and Opera are capable of making a browser that can read markup language the same way IE can… without causing spyware vunerability.

  5. Busy mom looks just fine in Opera. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    I put a piece of code in the wrong place. Messed up my title bar. Thanks for pointing that out.

    See that’s exactly what I’m saying. Bad code should render bad. The fact you saw it as ok in IE is why one should never build in IE. It forgives even the most atrocious code. Lucky for me, I write decent code…but I still screw up from time to time. I’m kind of stunned Opera was rendering it correctly.

    And you’re not getting the point. IE doesn’t read markup language correctly. It forgives crap code. You write crap code and IE says, “Oh, I know you meant this.” and renders it anyway. That is not a good thing…and the fact you think it is is disturbing.

    The spyware vulnerability is in IE, not in mozilla or opera. You’ve got that ass backwards.

  6. I know the vunerability is in IE. I was saying that both of those applications should be able to read the language and STILL be able to prevent spyware from leaking through. I myslef use adaware so I’m not too worried about spyware.

    In Mozilla my background scrolls. Having a ‘fixed’ tag in the HTML is not bad code, it makes sense as the background is supposed to be FIXED… To me at least.

    Anyway, I know it’s something that I’m going to have to start dealing with. I just code from memory 95% of the time and I don’t have the TIME to learn something new right now. Trust me, it will happen becuase I hate it when I can’t figure out something or make something work properly… but I’m allowed to rebel. At least for a little while!

  7. actually background=fixed is not valid code. It’s not bad, it’s invalid. Mozilla and Opera read CORRECT code and ignore invalid code…that’s why you see it good in ie and poorly in the other browsers.

    I still think you are not understanding…ie is the problem not opera or mozilla. Opera and Mozilla are built to read valid code. IE is not.

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