The other day playing tennis I had to do a quick stop and change directions. My toenail jammed into the end of my shoe and it hurt pretty bad but I just sucked it up and kept on playing. It’s been sore since that day but I guess I’ve just kinda gotten used to it.

That was last week. Yesterday I went to repaint my toenails like I do about once a week and this is what I found… 😐

Pictures don’t do it justice. I think it might fall off. The only cure at this point is vast amounts of chocolate ice cream.

*look adoringly at Ben*

1 thought on “Ouch

  1. HO! WTF is with thoes nails! they are a mess! Push back you cuticles nip your cuticles and file them staight across! you better be glad im 5 hours away or else i would be on my way over there right now!It’s just bruised it hapens thats what dark polish is made for. OPI’s Kinky in hilsinki” or “i’mnotreally a waitress” will cover it up real well. BUT FUCKING FILE THEM! Lord woman! i’ll verbaly abuse you on AIM now!:box:

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