Normally I could care less if people use my smilies and pictures and stuff. I even have a little page of smilies that a few people who I know and like can access and choose cute one’s to use on their own sites…

HOWEVER, I DO NOT like it when people use Cassidy’s bandwidth by taking a Nemo picture and putting it on a blog page that has the description’s that the one below has. Hello, she says that her hobby is playing in a freaking toilet bowl. That just rubbed me the wrong way. Also, she has a SHIT TON of pictures there that she is hosting herself. She could not be bothered to take the time to host the Nemo pic too?! Idiot.

Anyway, here is how I let her know about my disdain for what she had done. I only wish that it was a .gif so I could have really had some fun. *shrug*



Or see it in all it’s glory (till she realizes it and removes it) here.

4 thoughts on “Bandwidth

  1. funny.

    have you tried renaming a jpg as a gif? i’m not sure if the browser will determine if a file is gif or jpg by file extention or by file header.

  2. I looked at her code and she’s actually linking the picture from a search (Google I think)… so, hmmmm, maybe it would. If I get bored later I might try it. 😉

  3. 😆 That’s funny. She hasn’t updated in a month so who knows when she’ll see this.

    Expertise: shittin’ no duh* thats why im called *poo*cious!


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