Final Goodbye.

I’ve watched a lot of this weeks tributes to Ronald Reagan. I watched the procession, the state and federal funerals and the final funeral. I was taken aback with the strength of Nancy Reagan through all of these affairs. Never a tear, never a glimpse of any sort of weakness…

Then, at the very end, they gave her the flag that had traveled thousands of miles across the country shrouding her husband in honor and she finally succumbed to grief. A grief ten years in the making. As she leaned over and kissed the final resting place of her husband, the man that millions of people loved, my heart broke for her.

I never knew Ronald Reagan ‘The president’. I never got the chance to vote for him, I never heard his political spiel, or really what he stood for. What I do know is that even before death, when either Republican or Democrat spoke to me about Ronald Reagan, whether they agreed with his political stance or not, they spoke of the greatness of the man.

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