Postcards For Kids

Courtesy of Busy Mom.

The guy that started the website Postcards for Moms has started a new website Postcards for Kids.

If you are not familiar with the site’s, read the story about how it all started on the ‘Moms’ site. It’s a very cute story. Now, he offers a ‘Kids’ site.

Basically what you do is email him, he returns the email with the address to a child who needs a little cheer in their life. He changes the moms and kids about quarterly and the only rule is not to mention the website. That way, they get a bunch of encouriging mail from strangers to brighten their day. I’m going to have Cassidy draw a nice little picture today and send it out to the little girl.

I can remember how hard Ada had it while on chemo and I feel like this is something that she would have really wanted to have done herself. So since she’s not here anymore, I’m going to do it for her. A stamp is a pretty cheap investment to make to brighten a little girl’s day. :angel:

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