Miss Cassidy

I miss my baby. 🙁 I called her last night and hearig her voice made me miss her even more. I have a little over a month to go and I can’t wait to have her back.

I’m going to talk to Ben tonight and see if we can go to see her next weekend. I know that Big Troy (Troy’s dad for those of you who don’t know) always has a big 4th of July BBQ and that Cassidy will have a lot of fun at that so I want to go the next weekend.

I want to squeeze her and kiss her and smell her brush her hair and tickle her legs and hear her laugh and watch her get annoyed and say ‘mooooooooom’. 😳


Here’s my level 6 Science Controller. She’s our “utility girl”. When we really need a healer I can play as her. So far she has group heal ability, she can trasnport players to her. Both of these things are crucial when playing team missions in dangerous maps.

Since EVERY team is always looking for one, they are very hard to find and in going through the process to level her up I’ve found out why. She has VERY limited defense moves so getting to the next level is VERY time consuming. A mission that took me 20 minutes with Horned Vixen toook me a total of about two hours combined last night and tonight.

Unfortunately she has to level up ONE MORE time before she can GO to those harder maps and be useful. 👿 BUT in the long run she will come in REAL handy.


WARNING: VERY large image.

Horned Vixen

This is my new City of Heroes Science Blaster. I had to start it all over again when we bought the game Saturday. She’s level 9 now. Only 31 more to go!! 😉

I don’t know why I named her that. I was in a hurry to get started again and I had already used Antigone078… I should have used SOME variation of Antigone becuase now I feel like I’m not ME. heh

I have a healer character that I’ve been working on too because we always need a healer and there’s NEVER one around. I’ll have pictures of her later. 😉

WARNING: VERY large image.

Cassidy and Brooklynn

Cassidy’s marvelous Aunt Chris had Cassidy over for a sleep over the other night. It sounds like she and Brooklynn had quite a good time. Chris sent me these pictures. I hadn’t seen the princess in almost 10 days and when I saw them I almost started crying. I miss her like crazy… but it’s good to know that she’s getting to spend some time with her family and have fun with her cousins.

Thanks for the pictures, Chris. It made me sad to see them at first but at the same time it felt REALLY good to SEE that smile I love so much and know that she’s having a really good time. 😀


So Ben and I decided that we could not fight over and share his work account anymore so we went to Fry’s and bought a copy of City of Heroes.

I had to dump my level 6 character and start over from scratch. I was up to level 4 before the server started going haywire. It’s really late and I think they are probably doing some routine server maintenance.

I’ll get some screen shots of my new character in a bit. Ben seems to be back in so I’m gonna go join him!!!



Called Cassidy today and got through the FIST TIME! She’s doing well. She was in the back yard playing in water with the dog. She’s enjoying bible school. I’m glad that Troy and Mary got her into a structured activity while she’s there. She really needs that. With all the problems we had in school last year because she can’t seem to stay focused, I was worried about her going that long with no real structure.

And oh yeah, the tooth is still not that loose. I AM NOT obsessed with her teeth falling out so just STOP looking at me like that!! :mrgreen:

Day in a nutshell..

Got up, drove my Honey to work much to my dismay. Last night was a continuation of yesterday and I ended up soaking in a hot bath to try and relieve some pain at 5AM… after HOURS of not sleeping.

On the way back from dropping him off my cell rang and since it was like, the ass crack of dawn (totally lying, it was like 9AM. heh) I didn’t answer it. I DID listen to the voicemail and it was my main contact at the temp place so I called back right away. He has a position he’d like me to interview for… starting pay is $18-22 an hour. 😯 That’s more than I’ve ever made before.

I’m usually not at all nervous for interviews. I make a great first impression and I can usually find a multitude of common interests right away to talk to people about and relate well. This is probably the first time in my life I’m actually nervous.

Ben and I have been sitting down and pouring over financial paperwork, getting everything entered into QuickBooks and budgeting EVERYTHING we spend so we can get debt paid off. In order to have extra spending money to do with as we please and still make the payments we WANT to make on the credit cards (above the minimum payments to get the dang things paid off faster) I need to make at least $15 and hour so this would be really nice. It would mean some extra money at the end of the month to do… whatever.

I have my fingers crossed.

In other news, I WAS going to go with Ben, Alex, Sil, Dave, etc to the open track event at Thunder Hill tomorrow but because this came up I was not able to go. They left tonight and are staying up there and then racing and driving back tomorrow. Poor guys are gonna be tired in the morning. They didn’t leave here till after 7 and it’s a 3-4 hour drive with minimal traffic involved.

This will be both a Alex and Sil’s first road race events. Should have been good for some car spinning, black flagging fun!! Oh well, between the crazy Brit (:heart: you Alex!!) and Dave, there should be PLENTY of video of the jackassery. 😉

Google Mail.

I got a Gmail invitation from the beautiful Eu. I’ve forwarded a few other email accounts to it.

So far I’ve only gotten one spam mail and it didn’t go to the spam folder. I’m sure it was a fluke becuase most people that I’ve talked to have had a lot of luck with it. I really like it so far and that’s the only complaint that I have at this time.

I’m just so used to the @annastacy.com account and I like Outlook… BUT I am thinking that it wold be better to use the gmail account for message boards and the such so less people track me back to here… where I talk unkindly about a lot of people. heh :nana:


Got the call…

I was gonna post sooner today but I spent most of the day on the couch in agony. I had some of the worst cramps I’ve had since… well, childbirth. It’s funny how after you’ve had a baby you can FEEL the contraction of the same muscles used during child birth. They are used for the same reason, only to push something slightly less pleasant out. Ouch. I was about to dig up the Vicodin but I have to pick up Ben from work since we are sharing one car right now and God knows that I am bad enough driver WITHOUT the happy pills. So I just sucked it up and slept off as much of it as I could.

Okay, assuming I haven’t lost most of you due to the first paragraph… I finally got a call form Cassidy this morning at about 8:00AM. I knew as soon as the phone rang it was her. I could hear it in the ring. She seems to be doing okay. She was on her way to bible school. Her other loose tooth is not close to falling out yet. She’s eating a lot.

She seemed really quiet. Ben said she didn’t sound like her normal playful self but I think it might have been because she was calling as Mary was loading another kid in the car and she was distracted and wanted to gab with Madison. But she’s okay. She’s okay. I keep telling myself that. I can’t explain how much of a relief it was to hear her voice and tell her I :heart: her and miss her.