So, awhile back I ordered some Mary Kay foundation from Eurcynia becuase Mary Kay is by far the BEST foundation ever and I was getting really low.

Well, it took awhile to get it because I told her that I’d come get it from her when I was in Bakersfield and that whole weekend turned into a HUGE disaster. So she gave it to my siste-in-law, who lived next door to her, who sent it to me without the apartement number on it.. but she has THREE (yes, the women is crazy ;)) kids and hey, when you have THREE kids, stuff happens!!

So I got it yesterday and with it I got a sample set of the Time Wise 3-in-1 cleanser, age fighting mousturizer, day solution (with SPF) and night solution. I was all excited because I’m a girl and that’s reason enough for me. I decided to start last night and use it morning and evening for a week to see if at the end of the week I could feel and see the difference. Last night I used cleanser, night solution and moisturizer.

This morning I got up and went in and repeated (obviously using the day solution this time). I have to say, after just ONE day, the change is apparent. Both the LOOK and the feel of my skin is already 1,000 times better. When I got my face wet I could still feel the mousturizer on my skin even thouhg it’s like REALLY light weight and you can’t feel it at all once it dries.

I can’t WAIT to see how my face feels in a WEEK if it feels so much better after ONE DAY!!

Thanks, Eu and Chris for getting it to me. Ben however, might not be as thankful when I start trying to explain to him that I MUST have a full set of this miracle!!! 😉

[EDIT] I also need the Satin Lips collection because it’s the ONLY thing I’ve ever used that’s been able to keep my lips crack and dry skin free.[/EDIT]

8 thoughts on “MARY KAY ROCKS

  1. I’m glad you liked your little gift 🙂 I love the Timewise set…I would just sit there all day feeling how soft and silky my cheek felt…That was one of the reasons I joined MK because if I bought the set retail it would cost just as much joining, and that month the director had a few additional incentives to join too.

  2. TRADER! I’m teasing.. i take my sweet ass time when i order so you probably would never have gotten it fom me. 😉
    I hate to say it (no i don’t) but.. I told ya so..

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