Tied in knots!

Cassidy can tie her shoes herself now. It’s slow going but I know that if I blink tomorrow she’ll be doing it at lightening speed… because that’s how time seems to go when you have a child.

The baby is born… then you blink and they are walking. Then you blink and they are talking. Then you blink and they are tying their shoe’s. Then you blink and they want you to drop them off a block away from school. Then you blink and they want you to extend their curfew to midnight so they can hang out with the a smelly, long haired boy that you CLEARLY heard cuss the other day. Then you blink and they are moving out… then before you know it, you blink and they are tying YOUR shoe’s for you because you are all old and senile and you can’t do it yourself. And then…

Anyway, she’s getting too big to fast. *I* want to tie her shoe’s. *I* want her to have to ask for help because I’m the damn MOMMY!

Our psychologist would probably be looking at me right now ready to tell me to let her grow up. Damn them and their stupid degrees!! And damn him for making me relate to my mother!!

3 thoughts on “Tied in knots!

  1. Hahha! You crack me up Anna! Your right they grow up way to fast:( Brooklynn also hit a major milestone today. It occured in the restroom though so I won’t share;) I’m sure you as a Mommy can figure it out:))))) BTW congrats to Cassidy for learning to tie her shoes!

  2. This has nothing to do with your post, but… You have great eyebrows. I know that’s a strange thing to complement someone on. They’re very Brooke Shields, perfectly shaped. Me, I feel the need to pluck mine to death until I sometimes resemble Joan Crawford. Hopefully your very cute daughter has inherited your great eyebrows. 😉

  3. YAY for Brooklynn! Give her a big hug and a kiss from Aunt Anna for getting the deed done! And congrats to you too!! I *know* how much easier that can make life!!

    And thanks, Aubrey. I always think they are too bushy but when I go to get them plucked all the girls ohh and ahh over them! We always want something other than what we have!!

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