The Princess and the Haircut

I hate to say that Cassidy is the cutest little girl on the face of this Earth so I won’t. Cassidy is the cutest little girl in the UNIVERSE!!

Ben and I took her to get her hair cut today. At first she REALLY was NOT seeming into it at all. She had the most heart broken look on her face during the cut. When we walked out of the hair place, a random lady walking by with two little girls (also with short hair) must have seen that her hair was wet and said, ‘I LOVE your hair! It’s VERY cute.’

Cassidy’s eyes lit up and she got the biggest smile on her face and her mood did a total 180. Suddenly she was hyper and swinging her hair all around like she was on a Pantene photo shoot. It has, in one day, given her a huge boost of confidence and self esteem. I can’t even believe what a difference a simple haircut that she DIDN’T want has made.

And now for the actual photoshoot pictures: :mrgreen:

The Princess has short hair.

The Princess has short hair.

She insisted on a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ shot:

The Princess has short hair.

2 thoughts on “The Princess and the Haircut

  1. Thanks, Ben and I both REALLY like the way it turned out.

    And the amazing thig is that about 20 minutes prior to that, she was in the tub. It had almost dried and CURLED all on it’s own! I’m SO jealous!!

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