The Granny

As much oil as The Granny is leaking and as many miles as the poor thing has, she still manages to get me over 120 miles in 1.5 hours. 🙂 Maybe the new deck made her happy and put some spunk back into her!!

*knocks on the nearest piece of wood with all the ferocity her poor, sore body can handle*

Speaking of my poor, sore body… Ben and I have been hitting the gym again. We went three days in a row and yesterday even though I knew that I should give my body a break, I jogged. Now my left calf muscle hurts so bad that I limp when I walk. We didn’t go today. Tomorrow I’ll just do some upper body weights and hope that my leg starts to feel better by Sunday!

Well… off to take the happy drug, something to kill the pain in my leg, and then crawl into bed next to The Benjamin and cuddle. :love:

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