Busy Day

Two more days and shit has really hit the fan at work. Can’t wait till I can let it all out here. Tune in Sunday for all the gory details!!!

Yesterday I drove The Benjamin down to Seaside 70 miles away from here to get his car. On the way back from Bimmerfest last weekend his water pump had somewhat of a hissy fit and he had to leave it there to get repaired. He managed to find a shop though called ‘Monterey Bay Motor Works’ who had EXCELLENT customer service and ended up spending less than half of the $1300 estimate the BMW dealer less than 100 yards from there had give him. YAY for small locally owned shops with killer customer service!!!

Since we had time to kill and we were only about 4 miles away, we ran over to the aquarium to check out the new Shark exhibit. Very informative. I didn’t realize just how big of a problem that fishing for tuna and the such has a negative impact on the shark community. You always see ‘Dolphin Safe’ on the tuna cans but nobody ever mentions the sharks. I want to take Cassidy back very soon. We are putting our membership passes (thanks to my favorite dad in the whole world!!) to very good use. After learning all about sharks and spending some time in front of the GIANT kelp pool taling and relaxing we decided to go grab some food. (Okay, so in reality we decided to go grab some food after I because overly fastinated with watching the shrimp. I guess that was a bad move on my part ;))

We walked down to Bubba Gumps and had some AWSOME seafood while watchind a momma Seal and two babies bask in the sun and play around right outside the window. We had some hushpuppies for an appetized that had shrimp and Mahi in them… Good lord they were so good. We also had some clam chowder and some awsome shrimp. (Damn the silly cute shrimp at the aquarium that made me feel guilty for eating their cousins!!)

After the drive home, Ben and I had our first counseling session together. I really, really, really like this psychologist. More so than my own individual psychologist that I saw last Friday. I’m going to call Great West and see if I can get him added to the insurance so that I can continue to see him for my one on one sessions.

So anyway, about the counseling, I used to think of psychologist’s like I thought of anti depressnats… like, only insane people needed them. Since I’ve started takling Zoloft (OMG… yes, I’m taking Zoloft) I realize how… well, insane that thinking was. heh It has made SUCH a huge improvement in my daily life. It took awhile to see it but now it’s definatley there. Seeing the psychologist with Ben really opened my eyes to a lot about myself. Like, in that one CO-session I learned more about myself than my one on one session with the other psychologist. After just that one session with him I really think that I found ways to work on what Ben and I have. He offered ways to build trust, understand eachothers feelings better, help me learn more about who I am as a person which in turn will help Ben understand me better also. I still have a lot more thinking to do about what he’s said and what I’ve learned about depression and when I have it all sorted out in my head I’ll post what’s been going on. (Since I realize that this is the first time a lot of you are hearing about the depression and counseling and Zoloft and you are thinking WTF!?)

Anyway, needless to say, we had a very busy day yesterday!! And I’m off to jog and then shower and then submit another 10,000 resumes and make some appointments to get some interview done at a few temp places and then get ready for work and…. well, off to start another busy day!

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