So I took Cassidy to the half way point where I drop her off half way between here and Bakersfield so she can see her dad. On 152 I was stuck in traffic going East (normal for Friday). It took me over an hour to go 7 miles. On the way back, the same 7 miles in the other direction took 7 MINUTES! 😕

Some genius decided to cross 152 and 156 without an overpass. There is literally an intersection with no light, just a stop sign, and it backs traffic up for miles and miles. When I was on the way back (around 7ish) the traffic was backed up over 10 miles.

/me remembers why Ben showed her that alternate route that she will ALWAYS take from now on on Friday evenings. heh

On a good note, it gave Cassidy and I time to practice writing her name and letters. I’d write letters or her name on some paper then she’d write them. So now I know that even though I don’t have her this weekend, at least I got SOME practice time in. 🙂

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