I got a JOB! Can you say a big WOOOHOOOOOOOO for me!!!

Anyway, I went into Best Buy Wednesday and filled out thier ‘online’ application. Then that very same day they called Ben, who I had listed as a contact, and then they called me. I was invited to the ‘Job Fair’ today at 10am. They were doing interviews and about 4 people went before me. They all got told that they would hear from them. I was interviewed for about 15 minutes and the lady said, ‘I’d like to offer you a job here at Best Buy.’ I almost jumped on the poor lady.

So, I am going to take the drug test tomorrow and then orientation is next Saturday. I will start out part time but they are going to change some part time employees to full time at the beginning of the next month and whoever works the hardest between now and then gets to move up to a full time position with better pay. I’m gonna work my butt off and knock the socks off of them and I *will* have one of those full time positions!

I am very excited because the lady that interviewed me made it seem like there is a lot of room for advancement so I should be able to work my way up the ladder. YAY for Anna!!!

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