So, yesterday was the big day… 25. Let that sink in for a second because it took a whole dang WEEK for it to sink in for me!! I fear death. I mean like it’s really the only fear I have in the world. So the fact that my life is pretty much 1/4 over hit me like a ton of really dirty bricks. I’ve heard about people doing the whole pre-midlife crisis at 25. Well, you can say I did that. I started to evaluate every decision I’ve ever made from moving to San Jose to that glass of Chocolate milk I had on 06-15-03. I mean EVERYTHING. The result I’ve come to… I can’t change the past, I can only look forward to the future and use that past experience to make better decisions from this point forward. Oh yeah, and 25 is not old. And death is far far away so I’m going to worry about that later.

So, the pre-midlife crises ended abruptly at about noon yesterday when a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement was delivered accompanied by a balloon and chocolates and a sweet card. Shortly after that Ben picked up Cassidy and me and took us to eat Thye food with Dave and Sil. It was delish.

Then about 4p.m. I suggested to Ben that he leave work and come home and go swimming so he did and brought with him an adorable v-neck baby blue Nvidia shirt I’ve been drooling over. We swam till about 5:30 then went to Red Robin where I was sung to by 10 employees and turned 15 shades of red. When we got home there was a cake from Cold Stone waiting in the freezer!!! Cassidy and Ben put 25 candles on the cake and then sung happy birthday to me!! It was the best part of the whole day.

To wrap up the night we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was quite funny and romantic. I was rather suprised by how much I liked it.

A big huge thank you to Ben for making it the best birthday that I’ve had in years and years and years. I you very much.

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