The Seca

We spent Sunday at Leguna Seca for the American LeMans. It was absolutely awsome. I’ve never seen cars take turns of this caliber at speeds of this sort before. I can’t figure out if these guy are brave for doing this or just crazy. I think that it has to be a little of both.

I TOTALLY fell in love with the Ferrari. The way these cars handled on the track was simply amazing. Simply… amazing. Here’s a snap shot of the one that I’d like to own someday:

We met up with Dave and a bunch of Audi guys to drive up there. Through the Audi guys we got a killer deal on tickets. $35 for me, Ben, Cassidy, parking at turn 2 and an entry into the car show. We didn’t really even care about the car show but Ben’s friend Dave (who had not even WASHED his car before we went) won 2nd place in the ‘Best Euro’ competition. Here is Cassidy posing with his trophy:

And of course the highlight of the day was the trip we got to take around the track at the end of the race day. Ben slowed down and let the people get a ways in front of him and then took the track with some ferocity. I have to say, after seeing the corkscrew from the INSIDE of the car, I am sure that the drivers are basically crazy!! Here’s a shot of half of Ben’s car and all of Dave’s car on the track:

All in all it was an awsome day and I can’t wait to go again next year!!

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