My birthday is tomorrow!!! YAY! I’ll be 25.

Yesterday I recieved a package from my dad and Cherie that had a book and a gift certificate to Pier 1. I looooooove Pier One. The book is Ash Wednesday by the actor Ethan Hawke. I didn’t even know that he was a writer but the reviews for it on Amazon make it sound quite promising. I started reading it yesterday and look forward to finishing it.

I also got a letter from my Grandmother Taylor in Pennsylvania that included a picture of me when I looked to be around 6-9 months old with my dad. It’s a little weird as it seems like yesterday that Cassidy was that age. She also included some pictures of Camerons trip up there this summer. That brings back many memories of my own childhood and visiting there every summer and the great adventures that I was so fortunate to experience.

Thanks to you all very much for the thought and the Happy Birthday wishes.

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