B-town is teh hot.

We went to Bakersfield Saturday morning. We took the ‘back roads’ with the top down and missed all the holiday traffic and had a fun time. The back roads take you down Highway 25 on a long stretch of road with beautiful rolling hills, nice curvy roads and not a car in sight. Man was it hot when we got there though.

The first thing we did was meet Dan and Pedro at Amigo’s for food. It was nice to see some of the old faces again. Dan seems happy and content. Pedro seemed a little off his game, like he was lost is thought somewhere. He just didn’t seem to be his normal playfull self. *shrug* We spent some time with my mom after that and just hung out at her house for the evening and partook in the joys of Cold Stone.

The next morning my mom and I went and go get our hair cut. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. I got mine WAY layered. To just under my chin length in the front but still quite long and layered in the back. I *really* like it because I curled it this morning in about 20 minutes and it still looks cute and my head feels about 20 pounds lighter.

THEN!!!!! We went and got Cassidy!!! I missed her SOOOOO much and I can’t even tell you how good it felt to fall asleep last night knowing that she would be here when I woke up. We left Bakersfield not long after getting her. We took her to see my mom a little then drove back to San Jose and swam. 🙂 I swear she grew 5 inches in the two weeks that I didn’t have her. But she’s here now and all seems to be right in the world.

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