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I had an awsome weekend.

Saturday AM – Went for my first Bimmer drive with Ben. I had not fully expected what I got. I knew it would be some pretty agressive driving up some pretty hairy roads but I didn’t think it would be ANYTHING like it was. These roads were REALLY trying. And I had NO idea that Ben’s car could take them so well nor that Ben could DRIVE them so well. I never knew what real agressive driving was all about. I do now. I actually got queasy from the hard pull around turn after turn after turn. Great fun but next time I’ll be sure to start the mroning with a Dramimine. 😉

Saturday Afternoon – We spent the day with Chris, Brandon, Heather, Ethan and Brooklynn at the Monterey Aquarium. We had an great time and I loved getting to see the excited faces Brooklynn made at the FISHIES!!!!! I really can’t wait for Cassidy to get to see it.

Saturday Evening – We went to eat at The Tied House. It’s a restaurant/pub/brewery with AWSOME food, a great atmosphere and desert to die for. It was my first time there but I guarantee you it will not be my last. San Jose food ROCKS!!!

Sunday – We spent about 5 hours at the Great Mall with Chris and the kids for back to school shopping. Ben got a really nice shirt like 75% off at Tommy. I *really* wanted to get a bathing suit (marked down from $100 to $20) but I hate having Ben pay for stuff especially when I have no income coming in. I just can’t justify that. The good thing is that that’s the kind of prices they have there all the time. It’s a HUGE (200+) stores that are all outlets so I’ve never NOT seen awsome deals there. I’m sure that as soon as I have a job, much time will be spent shopping there since it’s only about 5 minutes away.

Sunday Evening – The weekend had a perfect finish with dinner at my FAVORITE San Jose eatery… Pasand. That place is just the greatest find since I’ve been here.

And so that leads to – I miss Cassidy like crazy. I feel like I’m counting the hours till I go pick her back up. If I hadn’t promised Troy the time, I’d be in the car on the way there to get her right now. I miss her laugh, and her smile, and her questions, and readinthat they need to take better care of their stuff…like Rebecca. I can’t stand it when a CD jewel case is broken, let alone when the fucking wrong CD is in the wrong case, let alone when the whole CD collection is in the wr

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