Day #4 in San Jose.

I could get REALLY used to having the doors and windows open all day long. I love to have the sound of the tree’s rustling, the wind blowing, the faint sounds of children riding bikes and people taking walks. I love to bring the outside in. I sit here at the computer and look out this huge window next to me and see a giant tree instead of the apartement across the way… Our back balcony is surrounded by trees too so even though we live in an apartement, I feel very secluded and like we have a lot of privacy. The front balcony has trees all along it so it’s shaded and cool all day long. It’s soooooo nice. Ben and I discussed getting a bunch of plants for inside the house as soon as we have the money to spare. I’m excited. I love it!

Cassidy and I went swimming yesterday and she met two very cute little girls to play with down at the pool. She’s DYING for Ben to swim with her so we are all going again tonight when he gets off work.

Tomorrow morning EARLY (and thanks to my daddy!) we are going to take a bus to Bakersfield so Cassidy can visit Troy and I can get my car. I’ll be there till Sunday evening. I can’t WAIT to have my car up here. There is so much I Want to do but I feel bad having to ask to borow Ben’s car.

Well, off to put the finishing touches on the packing. I’m like three boxes away from being home!!!!

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