I drove my car for the first time in two weeks last night. It had been sitting because I’m trying to save money and it’s a damn gas hog.

So I get in, turn the first corner, realize I suddenly have POWER again (my mom’s car is a SLUG) and just get the biggest grin. I drove the back way out to the drag strip with the sunroof all the way open the windows down at about 90… Long curves, cool air, nobody on the road, 20 minute drive… awsome. It took all I had not to run it last night since it will probably be my last time being 20 minutes from a drag strip in awhile. BUT I know that I need to do a few things before I drive her *really* hard again. Just not worth breaking it when it HAS to get me around for awhile.

So today I’m helping my mom lay tile (UGH!). Tomorrow I need to change my oil, check my brakes, you know the mundane normal go over. I want it to be it tip top shape for the driver to San Jose. The Granny is back in all her 4.6 liter, V8, quad cam glory… I missed her! 🙂

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