Spent last weekend with my dad. Had a wonderful time. Hopefully he will send me pics (hint, hint ;)) and I’ll do a full update as soon as I can.

Cassidy has been sick since Sunday evening. Mon-Wed. it was a runny nose and coughing. And very, very little sleep. Thrusday she seemed fine so I took her to school at 9 and at 10 the teacher was calling telling me to come pick her up, she’d throw up. So she threw up, and threw up, and threw up. Finally for the last time at about 4am this morning. She has my keen ability to dehydrate in a matter of hours. (I had two hospital stints around her age for dehydration). Cassidy has gotten dehydrated about three times. This time I forced enough Pedialyte down her to float an aircraft carrier. She hates me now… One of the joys of being mommy.

On top of this, my power has been going on and off. 6 times in three days. Usually at night. It’s been way to hot in the house so I’ve been at my moms the last two nights.

So Cassidy is fine now. Eating soupy and jello like substances.

*sigh* What a week. I love having my mom around at times like this. She keeps me from getting all ‘over protective’ mother syndrome. Gonna really miss being able to run to her when Cassidy is sick or the dang power won’t stay on.

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