U.S. lawsuit seeks ban on beloved Oreo cookies

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A lawyer who has spent much of his life enjoying Oreo cookies has sued Kraft Foods Inc. seeking to ban the much-loved cookies in California because they contain trans fat, an ingredient he calls inedible.

To understand this a little better you need to knpw what trans fat is: Hydrogenation adds hydrogen gas to vegetable oil, helping to solidify it into products such as margarine. Health experts say the process makes them as unhealthy as real butter, if not more so, as the hydrogenated fats act like cholesterol in the body. Trans fats are common in cookies and crackers and part of both the cookie and filling in Oreos.

Now, I’m no expert here but COME ON! You didn’t know they were unhealthy? It’s chocolate wafers wrapped around frosting for goodness sake! This guy is just a little over the top. I understand that they are nor good for you but it’s not like somebody opened up his mouth and force fed the fool the cookies. If you think they are that bad for you, here’s a suggestion: just stop eating them!

If this guy succeeds and oreos are banned I will personally hunt him down and… well, I’ll do something really, really, really bad.

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