Ben was not going to come down this weekend but after this conversation he surprised me and showed up at 1:30am this morning:

[21:13] Antigone: Hi
[21:13] MPower: hi (blush)
[21:14] Antigone: How ya doin?
[21:14] MPower: I got a little sun burned toady
[21:14] MPower: today
[21:14] Antigone: Did you have the top down?
[21:14] MPower: yeah
[21:14] MPower: ..and..missing you
[21:14] Antigone: Sounds nice…
[21:14] Antigone: I miss you too…
[21:15] MPower: I almost got in the car after we ate and drove down I missed you so much
[21:16] Antigone: I miss you too, Ben… a lot.

It was really nice to have him here today. As I speak he is laying on the couch and Cassidy is laying with him giving him grooming tips. I had resigned myself to the fact that I was not going to get to see him this weekend so him showing up was a great surprise. I was dreading having to spend Easter alone but I understand the fact that it’s getting hard financially to keep making this trip. As well as the fact that he’s really getting tired of haing to drive 500 miles a week to see me. Hopefully I can get the coolant problem fixed on my car and start making the trip up to see him more often.

Anyway, we just hung out at home all day. Cassidy has eaten candy, played with her Easter Basket stuff (bubbles, stickers, hair things, light up pens…) eaten candy, went to the grocery store with me, ate some candy… Did I mention that she ate some candy? I hope she gets to bed before 11! heh


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