We are doing a website for ABPO (Association of Bakersfield Police Officers) so we have a few cops that come in here on a pretty regular basis to discuss the site or just to stop and BS for awhile.

It’s funny, I used to be scared of cops. Like I know that they are here to ‘serve an protect’ but the only time I ever had a dealing with them was when I was in some kind of touble so I always saw them as these big menacing creatures. That opinion has changed since I’ve gotten to know the cops that have been coming in here.

I talked to one today who told me that 50 is the retirement age and that most (70ish %) only live for 8 years or less after they retire. Most of them have heart problems due to having such a high stress level job and eating on the go and sleeping at odd hours because of crazy work times. In his case, he worked the 9PM to 7AM shift for 10 years and he said that he can not sleep at night now. His body got too used to that schedual and now 9 years later he still has problems with it.

I guess listening to a cop talk about his family life and how hard the job really is and what he does to relax has made them a little more human to me.

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