So, I spent most of the evening after Cassidy went to bed working on her site. I think that I have it at least SOMEWHAT to the point that I can work on my site for a few nights and get it going. I’ll probably work on that tomorrow night. I really don’t like this blog template and I’m thinking that I will find one I do like and use it as my main page, much like I did on Cassidy’s Site.

I’m thinking I will start another blog, a private one. So I can keep everybody up to date on what is going on with me on this main blog and in the private one I can kinda rant and let loose without hurtng any feelings.. heh. I’ll work on that tomorrow also.

So, thus concludes another day in the life of Anna. I’m tired, should be sleeping but for some reason sleep does not come till the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know how I manage to live on the little amount of sleep I get. I used to use the weekends to catch up but Sunday Cassidy was up at 7am so that has not happened in awhile. Oh well. Life won’t throw me anything I can’t handle with my support group around me.

G’night all. 🙂

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