We are doing a website for ABPO (Association of Bakersfield Police Officers) so we have a few cops that come in here on a pretty regular basis to discuss the site or just to stop and BS for awhile.

It’s funny, I used to be scared of cops. Like I know that they are here to ‘serve an protect’ but the only time I ever had a dealing with them was when I was in some kind of touble so I always saw them as these big menacing creatures. That opinion has changed since I’ve gotten to know the cops that have been coming in here.

I talked to one today who told me that 50 is the retirement age and that most (70ish %) only live for 8 years or less after they retire. Most of them have heart problems due to having such a high stress level job and eating on the go and sleeping at odd hours because of crazy work times. In his case, he worked the 9PM to 7AM shift for 10 years and he said that he can not sleep at night now. His body got too used to that schedual and now 9 years later he still has problems with it.

I guess listening to a cop talk about his family life and how hard the job really is and what he does to relax has made them a little more human to me.


So, I spent most of the evening after Cassidy went to bed working on her site. I think that I have it at least SOMEWHAT to the point that I can work on my site for a few nights and get it going. I’ll probably work on that tomorrow night. I really don’t like this blog template and I’m thinking that I will find one I do like and use it as my main page, much like I did on Cassidy’s Site.

I’m thinking I will start another blog, a private one. So I can keep everybody up to date on what is going on with me on this main blog and in the private one I can kinda rant and let loose without hurtng any feelings.. heh. I’ll work on that tomorrow also.

So, thus concludes another day in the life of Anna. I’m tired, should be sleeping but for some reason sleep does not come till the wee hours of the morning. I don’t know how I manage to live on the little amount of sleep I get. I used to use the weekends to catch up but Sunday Cassidy was up at 7am so that has not happened in awhile. Oh well. Life won’t throw me anything I can’t handle with my support group around me.

G’night all. 🙂


So, I guess I should explain a little about myself. I’m 24, have a 4 1/2 year old daughter and am dating a wonderful, wonderful man named Ben

Big recent events in my life…

  • Cassidy started into a new day care.  Mrs. Cindy is her teacher and I finally got her back onto a normal routine. Man, that feels good. She jumped around from place to place there for awhile and I know it had to be taking a toll on her.

  • I got divorce papers signed Friday March 21st. Which means in about six month I’ll be legally single (but committed 😉 ) once again. When I walked out of that office after having signed those papers I took a deep breath and the air seemed cleaner, the trees seemed greener, and I felt like for the first time I was on my way to being Anna Reid again.

  • Ben and I celebrated six months together in Pismo. It was SO beautiful there.  Weather predicted it to be gloomy and rainy all weekend and on the way there it was just that.  But then we got to the 101 and the clouds parted, the sun came through and two hours later we were sitting on the balcony of the hotel restaurant drinking Long Island Iced Teas and enjoying the heat of the sun and the ocean view.  Best beach trip of my life… long walk on the beach exploring caves, hot tub and fire place in a room with a awsome ocean view, four star restaurant two doors down from our hotel room, shopping for shells… Thank you, Ben. 🙂

Well, I guess that’s enough for now.  I’d promise to update often but those of you in the blog world know that that’s a hard promise to keep. 😉

It works!

w00t! So, I guess this is my first post. The website is going to have to become a priority now. And I HAVE to find a template that I like better or start tweaking this one. So, be patient and it will all come together… eventually.