Worst Kind of Human. A List.

A long time ago I wrote a post because I was annoyed about Carpool Lane Campers. I still hate them. Not a lot has changed. Since then, over 5 years ago, I’ve had a master list floating around in the back of my head that I want to post to reference and add to whenever I’m reminded of The Worst Kind of Human. This is now that list. Please enjoy.

Feel free to add suggestions in the comments!

  1. People that voted for Trump.
  2. People that touch me for any reason unless you are somebody I love (and even then don’t touch me).
  3. People that don’t wear masks during a pandemic.
  4. People that don’t treat service industry workers respect.
  5. Crack addicts
  6. Carpool Lane Abusers
  7. People that don’t pick up their dog’s poop in public.
  8. People that don’t return their carts after shopping.
  9. People that don’t tip. Honestly, what is wrong with you.
  10. People that spit their gum out on the ground.

3 thoughts on “Worst Kind of Human. A List.

  1. People who drink and drive
    People who walk slow in the middle of the grocery aisle
    People who turn or lane change without blinkers
    People who neglect animals
    People who hunt for sport and waste the meat

    Oh man I could go on

  2. • People who don’t clear their tray of food at Fast Food restaurants, and just get up and leave.

    • People who do not separate their garbage from recycling and compost. It isn’t that difficult to do at home especially if your in a community with separate days for curb pick up (Monday garbage, Wednesday compost, Friday recycling) and the municipality provides the separate containers.

    • people who have a full complete shower at the public pool after swimming. I can understand if it is someone homeless, but those that are not and just hogging the showers from others waiting in the cold is annoying.

  3. – People that sit in the middle of a left/right turn lane to turn left, when moving over a foot easily would allow others to turn right on red when clear
    – People that all stack up on the outside left turn lane when there’s two when they don’t need to immediately turn right, and end up blocking the inside left turn lane with only 2 cars in it and thus blocking the number one lane.
    – People that miss a turn so they almost or actually stop in the middle of a 40-55mph road to make it over than turn around up ahead
    – People that leave their trash (ie starbucks) on a random shelf in the store
    – People so lazy to put back refrigerated/freezer items on regular shelves rather than return it or tell the cashier they changed their mind.
    – People that stand right in front of an elevator while waiting, especially on the ground floor (okay not worst but it’s annoying)

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