And this one time, at band camp…

Cassidy is a sophomore now. Most days I can’t even wrap my head around that. A SOPHOMORE!

She was really hoping to get into band this year but because she was in San Diego with her Nana and Papa I had to go pick up her class schedule for her. I had all the required paperwork but because she was not there to have her picture taken to get her ID card, they would not give me her schedule! I was pretty upset because they told me she’d have to be there early the first day to get her schedule and she just needed to bring the exact same paperwork I had even though she wouldn’t be able to get her picture retaken till in September! WHY IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT!?

So she went in the first day early and the line to have a schedule changed was AROUND THE BUILDING. Then she went at brunch, was the next person in line when the bell rang and they made her go back to class. Then after school there were no spots left in zero period history or PE which she has to attend to keep Spanish and have band as a second elective.

She tried many times to have it changed. She was told she could drop PE but her counselor told her no. She’d check every few days to see if any spots had opened up but zero period classes were actually OVER enrolled. Through all this, she kept the band teacher in the loop and because she had shown so much effort and enthusiasm he agreed to let her be in the marching band even though she was not in one of his two band classes. She is the only student he let do that. So she went to marching band practice (it’s once a week between 6:00PM and 9:00PM# and she was bummed but still glad that she got to at least participate.

Then! Wednesday! She was talking to a friend #child of the zero period history teacher) and he told her that a few people had dropped zero period because they didn’t want to get up so early. Cassidy went into her counselor yesterday… AND GOT BAND! She was SO excited!

I’m pretty proud of her for not giving up on this. For fighting to get the class. For being okay with just partial participation and then STILL not giving up. It’s the first time I’ve seen her REALLY fight for something and get it and it’s just a really cool thing to see as a parent. I can’t wait to go to performances and to go watch her in marching band at the football games!

And I’m just slightly excited that she’ll now be more interested in going to the dances afterwards. I might POSSIBLE be looking at some of the seriously adorable homecoming and prom dresses on DressFirst already. 😉

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