I have so many words in me and not the will to write them. I will undoubtedly be posting here in the coming months because I miss it. I miss this so much. But for now, the words I feel are not ready to come out so instead I leave you with a proper Throw Back Thursday photo.

August 2005 at Great America for Cameron’s birthday. I made them stand in front of is so that I could get a picture with the Enterprise without looking like an idiot because OMG ENTERPRISE TAKE MY PICTURE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?


3 thoughts on “#TREKKIE4LIFE

  1. I would make someone take a picture of me hugging it and/or trying to ride it. I would probably be ejected from where ever you are considering the fence around it, but I don’t care. Anything Enterprise makes me giggly.

  2. Who the heck is that small child next to you? I don’t recognize her? 😛

    I also love Star Trek although I like to pretend I’m more of a Trekkie than I really am. I suppose that’s even worse.

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