The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.

I’ve lost 15 pounds. I’m not sure exactly where that 15 pounds went. My pants feel a little less painted on in the morning but other than that I’m stumped. Knowing my luck 5 of it came off my feet and the other 10 were just cleaned thoroughly out of my colon. We’ve been eating very “clean”. Whole grains, lean meats and LOTS AND LOTS of fresh veggies and fruit. Over the next few weeks I’m going to feature some of the recipes here because most of them have actually been much tastier than I’d think something good for you should taste. Gone are the days of rice cakes and plain egg whites that’s for sure.

Of course, Ben has less weight to lose overall but has already lost more than me. He’s at 20 pounds lost. It’s totally awesome for him, he’s doing so well. But certainly there is some twisted higher being out there that was drop kicked in the face by a woman at some point and now we’re all paying the consequence by having to do twice as much work to lose the same amount of weight.

We’ve also been hitting the gym pretty regularly. It’s amazing to me how in two months I can do the same workout on the treadmill but my heart rate average has gone down 40 beats per minute. FORTY. BEATS. PER. MINUTE. I thought for sure during that first workout that my heart was going to commit mutiny. He was going to band together with my spleen and gallbladder and find the quickest exit possible. I’m not sure how important a spleen or gallbladder is but I do know that I’d be kinda screwed without my heart.

Today I made an appointment with a personal trainer that I routinely see TRY TO MURDER people at the gym. Tonight a man just WALKED OUT in the middle of his hour. WALKED OUT! Dude is INTENSE. And I’m really really looking forward to it. Also, I’m wondering how hard I’d actually have to hit him to knock him out to run away. Maybe kicking hm would be better. I guess we’ll find out Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “The first thing you lose on a diet is your sense of humor.

  1. Oh man, good luck with Trainer of Doom! I’d probably go with a wild scream and then a duck and weave to escape. I imagine he’s had kicks come at him before and is prepared for that sort of thing.

  2. Wait for the Post trainer post where she raves about how she loves the way this dude trains people, he’s a super nice guy, but he pushes hard, it’ll be interesting,that’s for sure (evil grin)

  3. Yay, 15 pounds is AWESOME. It’s great you’ve committed to going to the gym too. I had a membership for awhile but it was SO HARD to make myself go. Haaate.

  4. You’re doing so well and I’m really proud of you. I have been on this lifestyle change (its not a diet) for almost three months and I have lost just over 7lbs but feel so much better than I did three months ago. I am not eating as well as you are but I’m working on it. I would love it if you put some recipes up to give me some ideas.

  5. That is awesome! Good for you. I haven’t lost anything in a while. I’m going to start up again because I’m feeling bad about that.

    I totally get you on the guy thing. My BIL went vegetarian a whole month later than I did. I was more strict (vegan actually) and didn’t eat the same things he did. I’d leave off the cheese, sour cream, milk, etc. and somehow he lost over 50 lbs. I lost NOTHING! I also worked out regularly. He didn’t. *shrugs*

    Good luck with that personal trainer. He sounds intense alright lol.

  6. Welcome back! I’m glad to see you, hun. I’ve missed you on the internets. I’m glad you’ve been hitting the gym and feeling better. That’s great news! I hope you keep going and keep feeling better. 🙂

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