20 year old interview.

My little brother turned 20 years old yesterday so I decided to do an interview while we were at Olive Garden eating dinner.

For the record I hardly EVER swear in front of my mom. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “20 year old interview.

  1. That’s such a cute video, and I love Cassidy. “That’s the rule!” .. for the record I really try not to swear in front of my mom but sometimes it just comes out. It’s still pretty akward, though I’m 21 and you’re 8 years older, hah!

  2. hehe Believe me, she reminds me of the rule ALL THE TIME! The only time the rule doesn’t apply is in parking lots because I’ve been known to drop an F Bomb or two and they were TOTALLY LEGIT! 😉

    I hardly ever swear in front of my mom and when I do it’s because I’m ranting about something. I’ve only ever dropped one F bomb in front of her and it was a very heated rant about my ex-husband. I know it bugs her when it does happen but I thought it was funny because that was the first time she ever said it out loud and I caught it on camera.

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