there’s a spider in there?

Ben had a CT Scan of his head done yesterday to find the cause of the never ending headache. The results came back today and it looks like there is a fluid filled cyst at the base of his skull. The doctor said it may be an Arachnoid Cyst. In his head. By his brain. It’s not actually on or in the brain, thankfully. SO. THANKFULLY.

The last 24 hours I’ve bounced back and fourth between ‘Please don’t let there be anything in his head. Please. Please. Please’. To ‘Please let there be something SMALL and SIMPLE to treat so that he gets some relief from this pain he’s been in for FOUR DAYS.’

We don’t really know any more than that. The next step will be to get an MRI to get a better view of whatever is going on in there. The downside is I can’t help but be worried about something like this even though wikipedia makes to seem not so bad. The up side is I got to crack a joke about him setting off metal detectors because how cool would it be to have a piece of Bionic Steel in his head?!

I know that seems harsh and mean considering. But he’s already using it as an excuse for things…

06-30-2007: This conversation has been corrected after Ben reminded me how it “really went” at breakfast with a friend this morning. And really, my version made him seem less crazy, but we can go with his version instead!! 😉

Ben: *knocks fork off counter*
Me: Dude. I was going to use that!
Ben: The auditory hallucinations told me to do it.
Me: Wikipedia said “Musical hallucination”.
Ben: The voices were singing.
Me: Oh. My. God.
Ben: *grin*

So it’s the very least I should be allowed to do.

6 thoughts on “there’s a spider in there?

  1. my brother has a cyst in his head not too long ago. it wasnt a big deal, they just took it out and stitched it up and he was back to normal 🙂

  2. When will you know what the prognosis is? The website does make it seem mild, but it is Wikipedia, and you have to research further. When WikiP is good it is great, but when not, it is not it is advisiable to look at other, more authoritative sources. But he is Ben so I know it will all be ok!

  3. jdfcidvhjgie hgudihtgurhle. *pees a little* why is that the funniest thing ever? NOT the cyst, but the commentary about the singing voices. ben should meet sean. and they can be all too wiseass together. and ill bring diapers, as i wont be able to handle all the funny.

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