6 Things About Myself That are Weird

So Mandi tagged me for 6 Things About Myself That are Weird. I like to read back through these and follow links and read answers. It seems like everybody is struggling to come up with six things. I bet you I could list 40. For me it’s not so much coming up with them, but coming up with the ones I can write about then face the people who read this that I hang out with in real life without feeling like a complete ass. Which I guess shouldn’t really be as big an issue as I think it is because I have no problem making myself out to be an ass all on my own without the blog. heh

1) I don’t like pizza. It’s been pointed out to me on several occasions that everybody in the UNIVERSE, except me, likes pizza. I attribute this to eating it far too much when I was younger (18-20ish) and at LAN parties all the time and that was our primary source of food. I’m okay if we get the garlic chicken pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Other than that, yech.

2) I yell at people in the car a lot. It’s not that I think they can HEAR me or that I think it will solve the problem, but it’s stress relief. I’ve been trying to convince Ben for over two years to let me get a blow horn on my car so people can hear me but he says I’ll “abuse it”.

3) I hang my clothes in color order. I hate to do laundry but I’ll never let Ben wash or put away my clothes because if a red shirt got put into the blue shirt section for some reason, my entire world might implode and I’d spontaneously combust into white hot flames of death. I’m the same way with my pots and pans. And the tupperware. And the pantry items. You’d think that my house would be very clean because of these little idiosyncrasies. But you’d be very wrong.

4) I don’t like to be lightly touched. I mean, I don’t mind if you have your entire hand on me. Or your legs are laying over mine or if Ben rubs my back… but if we are sitting on a couch and your arm is lightly touching mine, or our legs are barely making contact, or in a very crowded room and people kinda brush past you lightly… I start to get annoyed. Like, I actually find it ANNOYING!?

5) Mandy tagged me like, four months ago and I’m JUST NOW getting around to posting it. So I guess #5 is: I like to procrastinate.

6) I still lay in bed sometimes at night and “dream” that I’m some top secret government agent. Like, so top secret even the GOVERNMENT doesn’t know I work for them. Like Jack Bauer! Only more pink-ish and slightly less accident prone…

7 thoughts on “6 Things About Myself That are Weird

  1. 1. Pizza is a once in a while thing. I would much rather have sushi.

    2. You inherited the yelling from me. It does satisfy, doesn’t it?

    3. Partly anal retentive. But the house…

    4. Either hold me tight or let me go! I’m with you babe.

    5. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? I’m getting better at this though.

    6. You and Cherie share this little fantasy. However, Cherie may really believe it!

    Love you

  2. This is the second time writing this comment, but hopefully you only got it once.
    Do your clothes have to match your hangers? Like black clothes with black hangers, and so on? I’m like that. And sort of in color order, too.
    I yell at people in cars, too. That’s just my [in]famous temper. Hey, those people might SEE you yelling at them through their mirrors or whatever. So it wasn’t for nothing.

  3. haha Well, I guess these things aren’t so weird after all!!!

    Dad, I’m with you!! Sushi > Pizza Any day!

    Katie, I don’t do the hanger thing. If I started there’s a good chance Ben would actually die from laughter at my expense. 😉

    I do like to have things cleaned a certain way though. Last night Ben cleaned the kitchen and I have to stay completely out of it when he does because I want to tell him where things go. Like, the stack of SQUARE Tupperware goes IN FRONT of the stack of round Tupperware and the glasses with the blue rims go on the LEFT side of the cabinet and OMG WHO TAUGHT YOU TO LOAD A DISHWASHER. It’s silly. He’s a very good cleaner and I appreciate it but that little bit of control freak likes to show up and turn me into a loon.

  4. Its ok Anna i am the same way, I yell at cars all the time, even when im not the one driving. And i have to have certain things in order. like my bills on my desk, if they havent been paid they have to sit in front of my monitor so i see them. I hate being touched most of the time, and dont you dare touch my knees I WILL KICK you. LOL so you arent alone in all this. we all have our weird lil quirky sides

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