The only job I’ll never ever quit.


Cassidy is completely infatuated with Hans. Completely. She spent most of the day making him beds, decorating his “room”, chasing him around the house with toys, BEING chased around the house with toys, etc… Finally at bedtime I carried him in the room and put him up in the bed with her hoping that he’d fall back asleep. No such luck.

About 10 minutes later:

Cassidy: Moooooom, Hans won’t let me sleep!!

He had followed her out of the room to the computer room. By “followed” I mean he ran, full throttle, through the room with a red yarn ball toy in his mouth and a pink scarf following behind him that seemed to be stuck to his back claw.

Me: Well, he’s playing now so when he’s worn out I’m sure that he’ll come back in and fall asleep.
Cassidy: With me?
Me: I don’t know, baby. I can’t make him sleep somewhere but I’m locking him out of my room now that you are home so I bet he’ll come down and sleep with you.
Cassidy: Okay.
Me: Gimme kisses.

She went back to bed.

10 mintues later:

Cassidy: *hardly able to talk she’s crying so hard* Moooooooom, I can’t sleep without Hans!
Me: Good. Lord.
Cassidy: *climds into my lap.*
Me: Baby, he’s gonna drive you NUTS right now. I lock him out of our room when he starts playing like that because I can’t get any sleep!
Cassidy: But I want him to want to sleep with me.
Me: Are you sad that you had to leave Daddy’s today?
Cassidy: No! I want Hans to sleep with meeeeeeeee.
Me: Okay. As soon as I see him lay down and start to get sleepy I’ll bring him back in and see if he will stay. And I told you before, I’m locking him out of my room tonight and he doesn’t like to sleep alone so I’m sure he’ll come sleep with you. But I can’t PROMISE you where he’ll end up sleeping.
Cassidy: Okay.
Me: Can you get back into bed now? You are going to do a lot of playing tomorrow and I don’t want you to be all cranky.
Cassidy: Not yet. *grabs on to my neck*

After she finally got back into bed I went and checked on her about 5 minutes later and she was out cold. It was a long day for her. She was up at 3AM for the trip home and was trying like hell to stay awake to catch the end of BB7 so I’m sure it was a combo of being tired, having to leave her dad, and Hans running through the house like a rabid animal. But damn, it feels good to be the booboo kisser again. The wiper of the tears. The fixer of the problems. The one she wants to cuddle with. So.. So.. Good.

And now I’m off to cuddle with Ben who’s had a headache for two days. Hopefully I can cuddle away his pain too. 🙁

3 thoughts on “The only job I’ll never ever quit.

  1. Just so you know, you couldn’t be any more wrong on the post you made assumign that was my specific court case. That’s not even remotely close to the case I have. And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t search around and post things that you think involve me. I just want the internet and all it’s drama to leave me out of it. Thank you.

  2. Just so YOU know, I didn’t “search the internet” for specific court case that “involves you”. I was reading the news and that article was on the front page of a major news site. A court case that’s exactly what yours is about, for the about the same length of time, for the about the same dollar amount that you posted. I remembered the comments on Ranee’s site and felt like making TGO look like the ass he is.

    P.S. – I’d appreciate it if you thought for a second rather than spouting off at the mouth. SEE: If you want the internet to leave you alone, LEAVE THE INTERNET.


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