Sunflower sprout

There’s a new layout. In case you hadn’t noticed. I really really really love the way it’s turned out. I downloaded a free theme from then spent two days tearing it apart and building it back up. I can never leave good enough alone. I need to update the site section. And still need to get around to doing anything to the about section. But it’s pretty to look at. The graphic will change too. Eventually. It’s too plain right now. But it needs to be simple and everytime I try and create something it turns out LOUD(!!). And that’s the opposite of what I want right now.

Our sunflower and poppy plants have sprouted. Cassidy is beyond excited and if the care she has been giving these little sprouts is any indication of the future parent she might be, she will raise spoiled rotten and completely smothered children. But they will be well fed and watered. Daily. At 3:00PM.

3 thoughts on “Growth

  1. I love the new layout… though you always have good layouts! if only i was that nifty hehe… Congrats about the plants. have fun with the california poppys… they come back year after year after year! self seeding plants FTW! you just gotta let them die and the seed pods pop.

  2. Yeah, the sunflowers should too. I’m excited because next year that whole section should be BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT. It will really make that street side of the house pop.

    That reminds me, I should get a picture in the next day or two so I can post some before after shots in a month or two once the sunflowers are taller than I am!! 🙂

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