EDIT – It’s 4:00PM. I’m slightly tipsy amd waiting to start an hour long deep tissue massage. *has died and gone to heaven* /EDIT

So last night as Ben and I are getting into bed he says, “We aren’t going to the autoX tomorrow. We are going to Pismo.”

What? Pismo?!

So we are in the car on 101 just south of 46. We have reservations at ‘our hotel’ and plan on dinner at ‘our restaurant’. All just because he wanted to give me a romantic surprise…

Love. Him.

Have a good weekend everybody!!!

2 thoughts on “Surprise!!

  1. ahh-thats so sweet! I hope you guys had a great time.The best pressie my husband ever pulled on me was him baking me a surprise chocolate cake for my birthday one year-he made an almighty mess and it was barely edible but seeing as he rarely touched a cooker ,I thought it was the sweetest thing ever! 🙂
    They’re big soppies really lol!

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