Ben’s Super Secret Party Fantasticoâ„¢

I spent about three weeks planning a surprise birthday party for Ben. Karting at LeMans Karting then caravaning back to our house for cake and ice cream and pizza and console gaming and pigs in a blanket and beer and all the things he likes to do with his buddies.

There’s a WHOLE LOT MORE TO IT than that. Luckly though I’ve been discussing the sub-surprises with individuals so they are safe till Saturday or I will KEEL YOU ALL. Karting was the big thing. The thing I could not keep from anybody because they were all a part of it.

I sent out an email and an evite. The email’s subject was “Ben’s SUper Secret Birthday Bash!!!”. Then I realized that trying to keep up with everybody RSVPing was getting too hard so I created an evite. The evite’s title, and therefore the subject line for the email is seeds out to all invitees, was “Ben’s Super Secret Party Fantasticoâ„¢”.

Then on Monday Ben emailed me this.

Sujbect: DAMN IT
From: Benjamin Hirsch

[09:36] Person: Hey Ben? You have your pager with you?
[09:36] SlackerBenjamin: Hey man
[09:37] SlackerBenjamin: sometimes, but by the time you’ve messaged me, you’re offline
[09:37] SlackerBenjamin: I was at Guillermo’s birthday party on saturday, and the BMW CA Autox yesterday, very busy weekend, why? whats up?
[09:40] Person: Yea but still have my pager with me all the time.
[09:40] Person: I got good news……… I’ll be goin to your party sat : ) finally we meet.
[09:43] Person: Oh cool, how was that? I had a busy weekend as well, most of my weekend conducted of drinking… Drinking… Drinking… LoL
[09:44] Person: Will be fun on sat @ lemans karting
[09:45] SlackerBenjamin: you just ruined what was undoubtedly meant to be a suprise party
[09:45] SlackerBenjamin: I had no knowledge of anything about a party
[09:45] Person: Oh shit

I had immediate thoughts of hunting down this person and pulling his balls up through his mouth with vise grips. But moreso, I felt like I wanted to vomit. And cry. And.. BALLS!!

And then as quickly as it came, it passed. The old part of me that would have immediately taken over and grabbed my sanity and forced in down onto the slippery slope of depression was beat out by this other part. A part that realized right away that this was really not a big deal. The result is going to be the same. Ben is going to have an awsome time. His friends are going to have an awsome time. I still have a few surprises up my sleeve. His birthday wasn’t OMGRUINED because of this.

Then I started thinking POSITIVE!! Like, now that it’s out in the open I can get it UBER ORGANIZED. I can get the people invited I was having problems contacting. And I can psych Ben out and remind him that I’m totally going own him on the track. And I don’t have to stress about how Jason and I are gonna trick him into the car without him having a clue about what’s going on.

And I don’t know when this sane, positive outlook, rational thinking person took over. But I like her. I think I might even let her stay awhile.

P.S. – If we know you (like, IRL) and you are gonna be in the neighborhood this Saturday, come have fun with us. : )

P.S. (v:2.0) – I wanted to say Thank You to to Ben who has been EXTREMELY understanding of my face being glued to my monitor for the last few nights while getting the finishing touches put on the new redesign. I pretty much scrapped what I had (visual, not content) late last week and in the last few days have been pounding out images and coding late into the night. It’s almost done and I’m officially announcing a launch date of Sunday. THIS SUNDAY, PEOPLE!!

So thank you, honey. *big kiss*

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  1. I planned a huge surprise party for my sister for her 30th and a couple friends ALMOST ruined it, but she never caught on. only thing she was pissed about was having to “pick” me up cause my car was “broken” LOL. i pulled it off and it was a great day! hope you guys have fun.

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