It’s a beautiful day**

The sky today looks like something out of a picture book. It’s hard to believe that yesterday it was cloudy and dull.

Last night Ben and I went to Bella Vista. We’d been there once before and just about died a blissful death while eating the Godiva Chocolate Souffle. Usually for V-Day one of us takes on the planning and keeps everything secret till the big night. But this year we decided together and Bella Vista was one thing we both agreed on right away.

All the food was wonderful. Ben’s Steak Diane was cooked to a perfect rare and my chicken was just. so. good. It was a leg and thigh cooked on the bone with a light white wine sauce with mushrooms and artichoke hearts. *drools* Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. We had some veal and prosciutto tortellini for an appetizer and normally I don’t like the sweet taste of veal but this was balanced out really well with the salty prosciutto and alfredo sauce. And the souffle… Oh, the souffle. Light, airy, warm, covered with Godiva chocolate sauce. SO GOOD!!

This another favorite of ours because of the drive to the restaurant. I’ll let you figure out what I mean by looking at the google map. Notice the road after you turn off 280. Fun driving.

The most amazing part of the night was the snow. As we sat down to dinner it actually started SNOWING outside. So we ate this amazime meal overlooking The Bay with a flurry of snowflakes just outside the window. It was a fantastic meal, nice conversation, good wine and beautiful scenery. Once again, in a word, it was “perfect”. : )


**I wrote this yesterday and never got around to posting it.

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