You know you’re addicted to 24 when…

We watched Season 1 Disk 5 last night. w00t! There are 4 shows per disk.  Each show is one hour “real time” but with commercials cut out it takes about 2.5 hours to watch.  It’s funny because every time an hour is up Ben’s like, “So do you wanna watch the next episode?”

Wednesday night after hour 1:
Ben: So, do you wanna keep going?:
Me: You know we’re watching the whole disk tonight so you might as well just start the next one, there’s no reason to ask.
Ben: *turns on hour 2*

After hour two:
*credits are rolling*
*Ben is not moving*
*looks at Ben, nods towards TV*
Ben: Is that how you signal for your next hit of crack?
Me: Just turn it on, sheesh!!

After hour three:
*credits are rolling*
*hands start shaking a little*
*looks at Ben*
*Ben starts to FUCK WITH MY HEAD*
Me: Just turn it on man!! What are you waiting for?!?! Can’t you see something really important is about to happen!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!:
*whole body starts to shake*
*assumes fetal position*
*Ben starts hour four*

20 minutes later:
*shaking has started to subside, no longer sweating, able to speak coherently again*

Yes people, it’s THAT bad.  At the end of season three I might require some methodone and counseling.

1 thought on “You know you’re addicted to 24 when…

  1. I would really like to tell you that it will subside and you will go back to being normal Anna. Sorry, not gonna happen. If the first season is Speed the second season is Cocaine. I have watched and recorded the Series every year since it started comming on. Talking about Jack is something I really get into. Glad that you like the shows. Hurry up and watch them so you can get to the current season.

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