Medial Meniscus

Ben has had a torn medial meniscus of his left knee. Today he had arthroscopic surgery to repair it. It’s not clear yet if they cut away the torn part or were able to repair it. We’ll find out at his follow up appointment Monday. He said we get to see pictures of it. Fascinating. For the next three days he’s restricted to couch rest. Not bed because he can’t make it up the stairs. I feel bad for him. Stuck on the couch with the Sidekick, laptop, XBox, GameCube and three TV/DVD/audio receiver remotes all within reach on the coffee table… and two girls that love him enough to answer to his beck and call.

In other news, I’m rethinking telling Cassidy she can dress herself and do her own hair in the morning. Also, I was playing with the camera settings the other day and I need to figure out why it will only take blurry shots.

7 thoughts on “Medial Meniscus

  1. Oh wow, Does she have to wear uniforms? cause if so i think the socks are ok it sets the uniform off and goes with the back pack but the hair yah you need to do her hair for her

  2. I think she is cute! I’m going to let Sydney be as mismatched as she feels she needs to be. As for the couch issue, sounds like heaven to me. I wish I would be confined to the couch with games to play for about a day at least!

  3. And Traci! Yeah, they have to wear uniforms. I love it though. It’s cheaper and they are actually pretty cute. I found a little botique store that sells skirts and pants that are cut like the “latest trends” but are uniforms.

    Cassidy thinks she’s pretty hot because she has unique skirts and is still stylish. AND!! They cost the same amount as the uniform bottoms at Target and Sears. w00t!!

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