Skin woes.

Cassidy has eczema. On her ears. I’ve never seen anybody have it there before. It doesn’t really hurt her unless we don’t Cortizone it at least once a day but sometimes I forget and it gets out of hand really fast. We’ve been doing the Cortizone for a MONTH now and it’s never gone completely away. Is she going to have to do this FOREVER!? I really hope not.

She also has a linear rash that starts about half way up her stomach, goes up in a straight line between her chest, then makes a 90 degree turn at about her collar bone and wraps around her left shoulder almost half way across her back. This one has baffled the doctor so far. It’s not responding to Cortizone at all so he told me to stop using it there and see a dermatologist.

I feel bad for her because she’s pretty self conscious of the one on her shoulder. And she has a spot that looks similar on her face and arm. Hopefully the dermatologist can treat and prevent this somehow and come up with a better solution for the eczema in her ear.

Linked these becaues they are big and not so pretty. Our camera actually takes pretty nice pictures close up… if you can get the subject to hold still for at least TWO FREAKING SECONDS. That didn’t happen here and I got tired of trying:
Rigth Ear
Left Ear
Left Shoulder

5 thoughts on “Skin woes.

  1. Eczema is no fun. I didn’t start getting it until I was in my teens.. closest to my ears was across my left cheek.. heh. Hopefully the dermatologist will be able to help her out. For my rash after my tanning accelerator the dermatologist prescribed me this big tub of cortizone that’s a stronger grade than over the counter… but not too much so.
    anyway, poor girl 🙁

  2. Unfourntuatly she probably will, i have had it since i was a baby and im now 27. i have had it really bad in some areas, while i was in school i got it really bad in the bends of my arms and behind my knees. teachers actually thought i was a druggie cause of the streaks the scars left on my arms. i got it a couple times behind my ears but diprolean fixed that. now i get a little bit on my face but its not that bad, i just put diprolean on it and it goes away. ask the dr for that or elidel, or elicon they all work way better than cortizone

  3. That reminds me, the dermatologist i last saw said eczema is a condition of sensitivity on the skin, which means something else causes the rashes if you can narrow it down. If you’ve switched detergents in the last 2-4 weeks leading to a breakout or something else (besides pillow cases and clothes) that may be comining into contact with her skin. When I was a teen it was also in my elbows and on my wrist, well my best guess is because of sweating and moisture retained there. I noticed when i left my right wrist on something moist (ie: I had dishwashing duty) it would flare up.

  4. i also got it from stress while i was in school it was really bad till i went on the adult education program, what are we stressing about when we are that young i have no idea. but its not as bad since i have been out of school.

  5. hi i have eczema in my ears and have done since i was little, i am now 12. i use E45 a mousturiser and for when it gets bad i have hydroquartisone 1% cream i have never been able to get fully rid of it but would like to so if anyone knows anything to help it would make my life alot easier thanks x

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