Let down.

Fantastic day. Pictures and all that jazz tomorrow. Right now I’m too depressed.

The TiVo let me down for the first time today. It’s set to record all “new” episodes of Big Brother 6 (shut up). For the first time in a month of recording three shows a week, for some reason this week it didn’t. It WAS on at a special time because it’s a double elimination week but OMG the drama that’s started happening the last two weeks and I MISSED THE DOUBLE ELIMINATION WEEK EVICTION.

It was Jennifer and I KNEW it would be Jennifer but I so wanted to see Janelle call her a bitch on the way out the door. 🙁

To continue my reality TV rant… Why in the hell would you take a popular show like The Amazing Race and screw the format all up? This year instead of teams of two they will have families of four with kids as young as 8, 9 and 12!! I don’t see how this could make for a better race and really don’t see why they had to go and screw up the best reality TV show out there.


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