Killing Time.

So… we got to bed about 2:30 this morning. I made it to work by 6:00AM. I didn’t actually wake up till about 9:00AM at which point I realized that I’m more productive when I’m asleep at work than when I’m awake! heh

Getting Cassidy back to sleep was tough. She slept the entire 6 hour drive so when we got home she was wide awake. I, on the other hand, was NOT. Since the plan was to take her back to her dads her bed was not made up at all. Her being HERE instead of THERE is a story I won’t get into here. Feel free to ask me off-site.

The trip itself was just fantastic. It seems like we went pretty much non-stop the entire 9 days and I loved ALL of it. Fishing, sailing, eating my dad’s fabulous cooking, spending time with my step-sisters (we all got the same tattoo but in different sizes on different parts of our body, pics when I get home!!), watching the kids just go NON-STOP and having a blast, and DINSEYLAND.

It amazed me how magical Disneyland still is even though I’m 26. A lot of it had to do with how much fun it is to watch Cassidy on all the rides and taking in the environment around her… you get to live that innocent wonder all over again. She was the perfect age too. Able to get on every ride but still young enough to think the pirates were REALLY shooting at you, and that the ghost REALLY was there in the seat with you, and that the tower REALLY was TERRIFYING, and OMG the look on her face on Space Mountain (pics of that once I’m home too)!!

Anyway, I’m still at work and trying to kill time till 2:30. That three hours I was asleep this morning I did so much that I managed to bank 19.32 hours worth of project time so far today. So I basically can do nothing till 9:30AM Wednesday morning and still be at 100% production rate!! Not that I’d do that though.


*looks around*

5 thoughts on “Killing Time.

  1. Dangit!! We were waiting till she got back to have her over for a sleepover:( We had to arrange it with a “few days notice” and just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Kicking myself in the a$$ now!!:(

  2. SHHHH The pirates really are shooting at you, and that huge boulder really is going to fall on your jeep!

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